Importing SWFs to Captivate – Match the FPS!

Posted by Ed Gipple on Jul 26, 2011 12:44:00 PM

In a recent project, we made significant use of custom Flash interactions imported into an overall Captivate ‘framework’. Several of the slides for this project were fairly simple and did not require complex development. To allow the customer to make updates to those slides easily, and to divide the build time between a few different internal developers, some of the content was created in Captivate directly and the more complex interactive components were created in Flash, saved as SWFs, and then imported into the Captivate project.
One troublesome aspect was a lack of synchronicity between those custom SWFs and the published Captivate project’s playback. Despite a Captivate setting of ‘Play for Duration of Animation’ and/or ‘Synchronize with Project’ for the imported SWFs, some of those slides were cutting off too early, or the slide took too long to reach the end once the interaction was completed.

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